As parents, we have a great responsibility when it comes to the health of our children. We think frequently about the best options and would try to gather as much information as possible, so we feel that we have made the most appropriate and informed decision about their personal well-being.

One of the most pressing issues when making healthcare decisions is the topic of vaccinations. There’s so much information available about the historically proven benefits of vaccines, but there is also -very unfortunately- a lot of recent misinformation and blatant disinformation.

Good parenting requires thinking beyond the harmful and divisive political discourse that we have been lately submitted to. It is clear that the advances in the research and development of vaccines are an evident manifestation of the progress that public health interventions have represented for humanity.

Understanding what vaccines do and what they are designed to do, is fundamental for us to create our own informed opinion about their effects and benefits for the health of the public.

Here’s a brief overview: