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    SimpleVas® was created to make it truly SIMPLE for men to get vasectomies. A vasectomy is often a difficult and intimate discussion for men to have, and it often contains a lot of misinformation. We are dedicated to dispelling these myths.

    Our minimally invasive–no needle, no scalpel–procedure takes less than 15 minutes and costs less than you think. Dr. Esgar Guarín (Dr. G) is the only DEDICATED VASECTOMY SURGEON in the state of Iowa offering patients affordable vasectomies.


    Here is just a sample of our happy clients. If you think your experience can encourage other men, please consider leaving a review.

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    It was quick and easy. Dr. G took the time to answer all my questions. In fact, he spent more time answering my questions than the actual procedure took. If you have been thinking about it call Dr. G and get the facts you need to make an informed decision.

    Steve S.

    I have to say that from start to finish of the whole process Dr. G was professional, provided personal attention, and eased all the questions I had. He was very accommodating and informative and made me feel comfortable and in good hands. He and the actual facility blew me away. All things immaculate and proper. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I especially appreciated his demonstration of a couple of the tools, as I had an interest in them prior. Also his “bedside manner” put me to ease and relaxed me. Which is saying a lot given what was occurring. I highly recommend his practice for anyone in the market. The process was clear, well thought-out, and you can tell his heart is in his business with how everything is presented- from initial supplies shipment to after procedure care.

    Tressel L.

    Dr G. made me feel comfortable through out the procedure. He has a great bedside manor. He answered all my questions. The procedure was not painful at all and Dr. G makes sure that his patients have little to no discomfort at all. I would highly recommend Dr. G to anyone looking to get a vasectomy.

    Andrew M.

    Dr. G is incredibly good at what he does - not only regarding the procedure, but the way he talks with the customer before, during, and after the procedure to make sure they are comfortable. I was pretty nervous going in, but he managed to make the experience quick, easy, and painless. He's the kind of guy you'd want to get a beer with. Highly recommend giving Dr. G a call if you are remotely interested in getting a vasectomy. It took 10 minutes and I didn't feel a thing.

    Shane W.

    Dr. Guarin was incredibly professional, and answered all of my questions in depth before the procedure. Everything from scheduling all the way through to the post procedure follow up was simple. Pain was minimal, and I can't recommend the procedure enough. Get snipped.

    Timothy S.

    Scheduling was very easy and the website provided all the information that i needed to make my decision. The procedure was quick and Dr. Guarin is skilled and very personable. Along with being nearly pain free post procedure, this the best option for men who are considering a vasectomy.

    Shawn B.

    Wow I'm literally amazed! Dr Guarin is absolutely spot on with this procedure. 36 hours after this procedure and I'm still pain free. Dr Guarin's professionalism and expertise in truly astounding. I'm still questioning why anyone would still have a traditional vasectomy (needle and scalpel)!? Thanks again Dr Guarin!

    Adam H.

    I was very concerned about having the procedure. The doctor himself called me to discuss my questions. The surgery was simple and quick. I had no issues. Highly recommended.

    Juan A.

    Dr. G was kind, professional, and reassuring at every step. The arrangements, procedure, and recovery were easy and virtually painless. The cost is totally reasonable. Esgar is a vasectomist activist around the world, and I'm so pleased with my decision and the experience that I tell people about it every chance I get. I almost wish I could do it again! Almost.

    Eric K.

    SimpleVas Effective Vasectomy in Ames: What to Do After Your Surgery

    Getting a SimpleVas Effective Vasectomy surgery is an excellent option for many residents of Ames, Iowa, providing the sexual protection that they want and deserve. The surgery is designed to be minimally invasive and causes very little discomfort. However, it is important to know how to recover after it, avoiding any complications that may arise.

    Prepare for a Low-Key Day

    Immediately after your SimpleVas Effective Vasectomy Ames surgery, you can drive home – or have someone do it for you – and have a low-key day. Find a nice reclining chair and lounge back. Put your favorite Netflix show and binge to your heart’s content. You should take the day off of work, as well, as this should give you the time that you need to recover from the initial surgery shock.

    Whenever you notice any discomfort or pain, you can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to manage the swelling. Follow the instructions on the package and never take more than it suggests. Doing so could cause poisoning symptoms and may thin your blood to dangerous levels. Only take acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and no other pain medications, as these may cause complications with your recovery.

    Make sure that you carefully ice the area, as well, using a very simple process. Place ice in a bag or a rag and put it on the surgical area for 30 minutes. Take it off for another 30 minutes to let your blood flow increase. Repeat this process for four hours and always avoid getting the area wet. Wetness on the surgical area could trigger infections, even if you had surgery to manage this situation.

    Get Back to Normal Life

    After your first day of recovery from SimpleVas Effective Vasectomy Ames surgery, you can start slowly transitioning back to a normal life. Typically, this process lasts no more than 7-10 days and is done in a staggered manner. Usually, you’ll start going back to lighter activities, first, and then transition to more rigorous ones as your surgery heals and you get back your capabilities as a person.

    For example, it is important to avoid heavy work for the day after the procedure, though you can get back to an office job if you wear a jockstrap during the day. The morning after the procedure, you can remove your jockstrap and take a comfortable shower to remove dirt and bacteria from your body. Often, many men find a good shower helps to decrease some pain as well.

    After two days have passed, you can start enjoying more strenuous activities, such as yard work, but should wait at least three days before playing aggressive or violent sports. And make sure that you swear off sex for at least a week after your procedure. Expect blood in your first few ejaculations – this is quite normal. Don’t have sex without protection, though, until your semen is ruled sperm-free.

    Know When to Contact Your Doctor

    The cool thing about SimpleVas Effective Vasectomy Ames surgeries is that you usually don’t need to do a follow-up visit after your treatment. Since there is no incision and no cut during this process, you are usually quite able to transition back to your normal life with minimal difficulties. However, it is important to know when you need to call your doctor after your surgery for a checkup.

    Typically, you don’t need to contact your doctor if you have some discoloration around the surgery site. This situation is quite normal and doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong. Some men may experience very severe discolorations and bruising a few days after the process is over. Only contact your doctor if the discoloring lingers or it is very painful to the touch and you can’t tolerate it.

    When you notice swelling and discomfort on the sides of your scrotum after your surgery, it may require a visit to your doctor. They can provide you with strong prescription dosages of various painkillers, such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen. These drugs will help to cut back on your swelling and pain and typically fully manage this problem in a week or so, minimizing your discomfort.

    Prepare a Semen Sample

    This last step is something that may feel somewhat embarrassing but is necessary to ensure that your process went smoothly. During your recovery period, your surgeon needs you to wait at least 12 weeks and 20 ejaculations before you come in for a semen sample. This doesn’t mean that you have to ejaculate 20 times in those 12 weeks. Instead, both conditions must be met before you come.

    Once you have reached these guideposts, you need to wait for two days before having another ejaculation. Talk to your partner about this necessity if you have an active sex life to make sure that they understand why it must be done. After the two days have passed, contact your doctor’s office to get a semen sample cup. The next time you ejaculate, do so into the cup as much as possible.

    Now, take your sample to your doctor’s office and drop it off. Once here, the doctors will test it to see if any sperm have survived inside of your semen. Typically, a few may get through in some surgeries, though most SimpleVas Effective Vasectomy Ames surgeries will cut this number down to zero. If there are too many sperm remaining in your semen, another procedure may be necessary.

    Reach Out to Us and Learn More

    SimpleVas effective vasectomy procedures in Ames, Iowa, require only a little post-op common sense. These steps are vital if your aim is to avoid complications, though, and must be carefully taken to keep things running smoothly. If you are uncertain about the process and want to make sure that you get it right, please don’t hesitate to contact us at SimpleVas® Vasectomy. Speaking to a professional can provide you with the insight that you need for a successful recovery.