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SimpleVas® was created to make it truly SIMPLE for men to get vasectomies. A vasectomy is often a difficult and intimate discussion for men to have, and it often contains a lot of misinformation. We are dedicated to dispelling these myths.

Our minimally invasive–no needle, no scalpel–procedure takes less than 15 minutes and costs less than you think. Dr. Esgar Guarín (Dr. G) is the only DEDICATED VASECTOMY SURGEON in the state of Iowa offering patients affordable vasectomies.

Why Choose SimpleVas?

Simple Vas is the simplest way for men to get a fast, effective, and stress-free vasectomy. Our minimally invasive, no needle, no scalpel procedure takes less than 15 minutes and costs less than you would think.

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Performed during a single visit.

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We test post-vasectomy semen via a sample sent in by mail to ensure results.

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Dr. Guarin was incredibly professional, and answered all of my questions in depth before the procedure. Everything from scheduling all the way through to the post procedure follow up was simple. Pain was minimal, and I can't recommend the procedure enough. Get snipped.

Timothy S.

Scheduling was very easy and the website provided all the information that i needed to make my decision. The procedure was quick and Dr. Guarin is skilled and very personable. Along with being nearly pain free post procedure, this the best option for men who are considering a vasectomy.

Shawn B.

Wow I'm literally amazed! Dr Guarin is absolutely spot on with this procedure. 36 hours after this procedure and I'm still pain free. Dr Guarin's professionalism and expertise in truly astounding. I'm still questioning why anyone would still have a traditional vasectomy (needle and scalpel)!? Thanks again Dr Guarin!

Adam H.

I was very concerned about having the procedure. The doctor himself called me to discuss my questions. The surgery was simple and quick. I had no issues. Highly recommended.

Juan A.

Dr. G was kind, professional, and reassuring at every step. The arrangements, procedure, and recovery were easy and virtually painless. The cost is totally reasonable. Esgar is a vasectomist activist around the world, and I'm so pleased with my decision and the experience that I tell people about it every chance I get. I almost wish I could do it again! Almost.

Eric K.