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    SimpleVas® was created to make it truly SIMPLE for men to get vasectomies. A vasectomy is often a difficult and intimate discussion for men to have, and it often contains a lot of misinformation. We are dedicated to dispelling these myths.

    Our minimally invasive–no needle, no scalpel–procedure takes less than 15 minutes and costs less than you think. Dr. Esgar Guarín (Dr. G) is the only DEDICATED VASECTOMY SURGEON in the state of Iowa offering patients affordable vasectomies.


    Here is just a sample of our happy clients. If you think your experience can encourage other men, please consider leaving a review.

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    It was quick and easy. Dr. G took the time to answer all my questions. In fact, he spent more time answering my questions than the actual procedure took. If you have been thinking about it call Dr. G and get the facts you need to make an informed decision.

    Steve S.

    I have to say that from start to finish of the whole process Dr. G was professional, provided personal attention, and eased all the questions I had. He was very accommodating and informative and made me feel comfortable and in good hands. He and the actual facility blew me away. All things immaculate and proper. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I especially appreciated his demonstration of a couple of the tools, as I had an interest in them prior. Also his “bedside manner” put me to ease and relaxed me. Which is saying a lot given what was occurring. I highly recommend his practice for anyone in the market. The process was clear, well thought-out, and you can tell his heart is in his business with how everything is presented- from initial supplies shipment to after procedure care.

    Tressel L.

    Dr G. made me feel comfortable through out the procedure. He has a great bedside manor. He answered all my questions. The procedure was not painful at all and Dr. G makes sure that his patients have little to no discomfort at all. I would highly recommend Dr. G to anyone looking to get a vasectomy.

    Andrew M.

    Dr. G is incredibly good at what he does - not only regarding the procedure, but the way he talks with the customer before, during, and after the procedure to make sure they are comfortable. I was pretty nervous going in, but he managed to make the experience quick, easy, and painless. He's the kind of guy you'd want to get a beer with. Highly recommend giving Dr. G a call if you are remotely interested in getting a vasectomy. It took 10 minutes and I didn't feel a thing.

    Shane W.

    Dr. Guarin was incredibly professional, and answered all of my questions in depth before the procedure. Everything from scheduling all the way through to the post procedure follow up was simple. Pain was minimal, and I can't recommend the procedure enough. Get snipped.

    Timothy S.

    Scheduling was very easy and the website provided all the information that i needed to make my decision. The procedure was quick and Dr. Guarin is skilled and very personable. Along with being nearly pain free post procedure, this the best option for men who are considering a vasectomy.

    Shawn B.

    Wow I'm literally amazed! Dr Guarin is absolutely spot on with this procedure. 36 hours after this procedure and I'm still pain free. Dr Guarin's professionalism and expertise in truly astounding. I'm still questioning why anyone would still have a traditional vasectomy (needle and scalpel)!? Thanks again Dr Guarin!

    Adam H.

    I was very concerned about having the procedure. The doctor himself called me to discuss my questions. The surgery was simple and quick. I had no issues. Highly recommended.

    Juan A.

    Dr. G was kind, professional, and reassuring at every step. The arrangements, procedure, and recovery were easy and virtually painless. The cost is totally reasonable. Esgar is a vasectomist activist around the world, and I'm so pleased with my decision and the experience that I tell people about it every chance I get. I almost wish I could do it again! Almost.

    Eric K.

    Vasectomy Services in Des Moines: The Myths That Deserve to Be Busted

    While vasectomies are a powerful form of birth management that helps control the population and eliminate serious overcrowding risks, only one in ten men gets the procedure. This low-level participation centers around various misconceptions and myths that many men have about this type of surgery. If you believe any of these myths, please understand that there is very little truth to them. If vasectomy services in Des Moines are of interest to you, here’s the misinformation you should discard.

    “Vasectomies are Painful”

    We hear this misconception all the time, mostly from men who have never gotten the best vasectomy services Des Moines has to offer. The idea that a vasectomy is going to hurt badly is mainly centered around where it takes place. Male genitals are internal organs that hang outside of the body, so they are susceptible to any impact. And cuts to this area likely hurt more than others.

    However, this misconception is based on the belief that no anesthesia is used. That idea is simply not congruent with reality. All vasectomies start with a surface anesthetic that numbs the skin before the surgery begins. And more conventional types of vasectomies may even give you access to oral or intravenous anesthetics to help cut back on your pain and suffering during your procedure.

    Beyond these facts, most vasectomies these days operate through tiny holes. A SimpleVas procedure is mainly focused on just a dime-sized hole made without needles or scalpels. Instead, small precision tools are inserted into the whole. From here, the surgeon can carefully seal your vas deferens tubes and provide you with the pregnancy protection needed to last most of your life.

    “Vasectomies Don’t Work”

    Another common myth about vasectomy services Des Moines surgeries is that they don’t work to protect in a pregnancy. This idea is one that we’ve run into from many men, even those who have already gotten a vasectomy in the past. Some may try to tell you that there is a high risk of these surgeries failing or that they simply don’t stop sperm flow from triggering a pregnancy situation.

    This misconception is strange because vasectomies have a nearly 100 percent success rate. Even conventional types are nearly flawless in this regard. While it is true that there is a small risk that some sperm could still be present in some men, this risk is so small as to be almost microscopic. In this way, it should be pretty easy to stay pregnancy-free if you use this type of procedure on yourself.

    Even better, the SimpleVas procedure is effective beyond even the most beneficial options on the market today. A growing number of specialists find that this treatment option provides the most overall benefits, especially over a long-term period. Its minimally invasive nature ensures that no body area ends up getting severely injured when you get this treatment performed.

    “Vasectomies Cannot Be Reversed”

    The most unfortunate misconception about the best vasectomy services Des Moines has to offer is that these procedures are irreversible. This belief about vasectomies has impacted this process for years and has caused many men to balk at getting them. However, it is simply not true that a vasectomy cannot be reversed. While it isn’t always easy, it can be done in just about any man.

    Yes, you’re going to need a specialized treatment to get your vasectomy reversed, which may be frustrating for some men. However, it is more than worth the time and energy it takes because it can eliminate any suffering you may experience as a result. This procedure option also cuts back on the risk of experiencing any side effects, such as the potential pain that may occur with a reversal process.

    Like SimpleVas procedures, some options are surprisingly easy to reverse because they are designed to be adaptable and simple to understand. This more straightforward method of adaptability makes them an excellent choice for men who want to eliminate the risk of serious complications or cut back on problems with this process. And a growing number of men appreciate the non-invasive nature too.

    “Vasectomies are Expensive”

    Some men will refuse to get the best vasectomy services Des Moines offers because they think they cost too much money. This belief is understandable but unfortunate because many individuals may not get the help they need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The simple fact is that these procedures are no more or less expensive than any other treatment of this type.

    Most types of vasectomy will only cost a few thousand dollars to perform. And while we know that most people don’t have that kind of money just lying around for this type of procedure, most hospitals will take the time to create a payment plan that makes sense for you and works with your needs. The idea here is to ensure that you get the most benefits possible while cutting your financial investment.

    Some may even have a “pay what you can” plan that adjusts your payments based on your financial situation. Beneficial payment plans like these are good if you don’t have insurance and decide that you want a vasectomy. Don’t forget, though, that this process is covered by most insurance plans, meaning that you won’t have to struggle to pay for it if you are interested in getting this type of treatment.

    Get the Help That You Need

    As you can see, the best vasectomy services in Des Moines are misunderstood by many people and can provide you with many benefits that make them well worth consideration. So if you are interested in learning more about how these services can benefit you and want to ensure that you get the best possible help, please make sure to contact us at SimpleVas® Vasectomy to learn more about the many different options that are available for you, which can help to create a high-quality level of service. Please make an appointment with us as soon as possible to figure out precisely what you need in this situation.