For years I was dedicated to the practice of Maternal, Child, and Reproductive Health. During that time I was able to provide fulfilling medical services to many families. One of the most rewarding aspects of my practice was being able to educate my patients.

Now, in a quest for reproductive equity and equality, I am dedicated fully to the performance of vasectomies in order to facilitate the participation of men in reproductive matters. However, this does not mean I am leaving behind my interest in providing health education and promoting adequate health literacy.

I am launching, after over a year in the making, a YouTube channel that will provide, on a weekly basis, family and reproductive health information for my former family medicine patients, current SimpleVas patients, and all of those interested in acquiring basic and evidence-based health recommendations.

Every week, on Wednesdays, I will upload new content about health matters of relevance. I will definitely focus on issues that are of importance to young families and individuals but also will cover health issues of current relevance.

Check out the channel, subscribe, comment, and suggest topics for future videos.