NO COST Vasectomies in Iowa!!

November 14 – 19, 2022 (*Only those selected from FREE CLINIC option)

All other vasectomies done in November 2022 will have a $100 discount

How does it work?

    1. Patients sign up online using our Schedule your Vasectomy page. (AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21st)
    2. Select the LOCATION available, then choose the DATE and TIME for the procedure (Select FREE CLINIC)
    3. There are a total of #50 (fifty) vasectomies available at NO COST. Once those are not available, all other vasectomies performed during the month of November 2022 (without insurance) will have a $100 discount from their original cost.
    4. Patients signing up for NO COST vasectomies must be at least 21 years old.
    5. A refundable deposit of $30 will be required to schedule the procedure. This will be refunded at the time of the appointment.
    6. The procedure must be completed in November 2022
    7. Once you sign up, you must complete a Registration Form and Surgical Consent that will be sent to your email. If this is not completed, the appointment may be canceled.
    8. A SimpleVas Box will be sent to you once the Registration Form has been submitted. This contains the instructions in preparation for your procedure.
    9. Dr. G will contact the patient prior to the procedure for an over-the-phone consultation, and to review the Registration Form to assess potential contraindications based on the individual’s medical information.

* Appointments will be first available on Friday, October 21st at 12 noon. All other vasectomies done without insurance during the month of November (either at the Mobile Clinic or the Office) will be $100 below their usual cost.

When and where?

We want to kindly thank and acknowledge People’s Community Health Center (Waterloo), Crescent Community Health Center (Dubuque), and Community Health Centers of SE Iowa (Burlington) for their kindness in allowing us to locate our mobile vasectomy clinic for our 2022 Iowa Vasectomy Tour.

Please be aware that these community health centers are in no way responsible for any of the arrangements for this event. DO NOT CONTACT any of these community health centers.

For any details or questions, please reach us at or call our answering service at (515) 603-2140.

The following is our schedule for the celebration of World Vasectomy Day in Iowa:

Monday, November 14, 2022 – DES MOINES (Pleasant Hill)

    • Total of #5 procedures at NO COST
    • Address: SimpleVas Clinic (Main Office) – 5191 Maple Drive, Suite L. Pleasant Hill, IA 50327

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 – SIOUX CITY

    • Total of #10 procedures at NO COST
    • Address: 5726 Sunnybrook Dr, Sioux City, IA 51106 (at the Sunnybrook Mall)

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 – WATERLOO

    • Total of #10 procedures at NO COST
    • Address: 905 Franklin St, Waterloo, IA 50703 (outside of People’s Community Health Center)

Thursday, November 17, 2022 – DUBUQUE

    • Total of #10 procedures at NO COST
    • Address: 1690 Elm St #300, Dubuque, IA 52001 (outside of Crescent Community Health Center)

Friday, November 18, 2022 – BURLINGTON

    • Total of #10 procedures at NO COST
    • Address: 1706 W Agency Rd, West Burlington, IA 52655 (outside of Community Health Centers of SE Iowa)

Saturday, November 19, 2022 – CEDAR RAPIDS

    • Total of #5 procedures at NO COST
    • Address: SimpleVas Clinic (East Office) – 311 3rd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401